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By: Tandie Dalziel

On: Jun 27, 2011

Posted: Delegation

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Coach or No Coach?

Do you have a life coach, business coach, acting coach, diet coach, athletic coach?

Before I had gone into business for myself I had never heard of a business or life coach but now I was in the networking arena where I met several coaches and to tell you the truth once I figured out what I thought they did, I thought wow just another way people can pay to have someone listen to all their problems and hope this person will get them on the right path. I wanted no part of that and I certainly was not going to pay for it, after all I didn’t have a coach and my business already was successful. If only I could go back in time!

I am honestly shocked it took me as long as it has to realize I need a business coach. In high school I asked a local Jr. college coach to coach me my senior year in track because the high school coach had done the best he could with his training but I knew I had so much more in me and needed to be trained by the best if I were to achieve the times I needed to be the best. This worked out for me and I won nearly every race my senior year and went on to El Camino where I still hold a record in a particular race.

So, 5 years ago when Bibi and I started this company I felt confident with the determination we both demonstrated and past experience we both had we were going to make this business model successful and I was right.

Even though things were going well I was not able to put my finger on why it was not better. I started thinking about the coaches I had heard at the Success Summit last year and even went to an event one hosted in Florida a few months back and realized I did need someone to listen to all my problems and guide me in the right direction in my business to achieve my goals.

What I realized was my business is no different than my track days in high school and college. I knew how to run and did better than most but that was not good enough for me then and I knew in order to get better I needed to trust a professional to get me their. It is the same for my business, I know how to do it and I work hard at it every day but I need a coach to keep me focused on my day to day goals and hold me accountable if I did not achieve them and then have a plan of action for me to follow to make sure these goals are met.

What about you, what aspect of your life could you use a professional? No matter what your goals are you can achieve them if you set your mind to it but having a coach gets you there quicker.

My coaching has just recently started but honestly it is the best decision I have made when it comes to my business and look forward to letting you all know how things progress in the next few months! 

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