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By: Tandie Dalziel

On: Aug 23, 2011

Posted: Organization

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You Can Make A Difference!

It is so easy and less of a hassle to just throw things out and be done with them. It sometimes even cost more to use recycled products! So why bother going green and recycle?
In my home we have everything broken out by paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. Our 6 year old son earns extra money by taking out specific items daily and sorting them in the appropriate bins. Once a month we go and drop off the aluminum, plastic and glass. We think it is important for him to have responsibility around the house and he looks forward to seeing how his work pays off each and every time. We also explain by doing this he is not filling up the landfills with things that can easily be recycled if you just take a few extra minutes a day.
Since we started our business we have always strived to do our part to use recycled goods. We use material bags when we deliver the groceries, our business cards and many of the organizational materials we use on a job are made from recycled products. When we have an organization job we drop off anything that can be used by someone else to the appropriate donation center and deliver recyclables such as paper, plastic and metals to different centers as well.
When I drive through neighborhoods on trash day I am proud to see the recycling bins  are now larger than the regular trash and more times than not people have only set out their recycling bin.
Not everyone takes the time or spends the money to promote this cause but like I tell my children everything starts with 1 person and they need to participate in things that will benefit the world and the people in it.
I believe its worth it and I thank all of you for doing your part to make our children and their children's future a better place and know that when you are taking the few minutes to do this, you are not alone so, keep up the great work!

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