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01 Jul 2014

Why Do We Make Lists?

By Bibi Goldstein

I was recently doing a strategy session with a client via Skype and usually don’t even use the video functionality because we are sharing screens so it could be distracting sometimes with the video. On this particular call we were using video and talking about delegation so he picked up..
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17 Jun 2014

Technology Evolution

By Bibi Goldstein

I remember when I was a little girl how cool it was when we went from the avocado green rotary dial telephone to the beige push button phone. But then we went to the phone where the digits were in the handset then finally to the cordless phone and now most of us don’t even have a house..
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14 May 2014

CRM, CMS... What’s The Difference?

By Bibi Goldstein

Many business owners are unsure of the difference between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and a Contact Management System (CMS). Essentially, CMS is a necessary component of CRM. Managing the contact's information like phone, email, etc. is the starting point for managing the..
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11 Mar 2014

Marketing Automation

By By Bibi Goldstein

What is marketing automation ? It is technology that allows businesses to automate and streamline marketing functions so they can use their resources in a more efficient manner and increase their revenue in the process. Marketing automation software like Infusionsoft can..
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06 Feb 2012

Bibi Goldstein, Chair for MBWIB Interviewed by Linda Koss

By South Bay Woman Magazine

Listen to Linda Koss interview Bibi Goldstein, 2011-2012 Chair for MBWIB's South Bay Conference for Women to hear more about the conference and it's history
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22 Nov 2011


By Bibi Goldstein

Ever walk into your office and wonder how all that paper and stuff got there? Remember your first office? The stapler was placed just so, the paperclips were organized by color, and the picture of your golden retriever was front and center. You're not alone, and no, aliens didn't leave those piles of paper behind, though it may feel like they appeared out of nowhere. Now you're afraid to see what lies at the bottom of that pile.
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12 Jul 2011

You Can't Take It With You

By Bibi Goldstein

We all have amazing memories of trips, events, family and friends. Some of us have those memories forever in our minds, some have pictures to reminisce over and some collect momentos from the places they have traveled or the people they have known. Often those pictures and momentos are carefully placed in a box and stored for those occasions when we feel the need to be nostalgic or may have lost a loved one to whom those momentos are associated with.
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